Forensic Accounting

Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigations

Forensic Accounting is preparing and reviewing financial evidence to be used in investigations, resolving disputes, making or defending claims and other reviews. The results of such work may often be used in a Court of Law.

A Forensic Accountant combines auditing, accounting and investigative skills in analysing and interpreting business and financial evidence.

If you have concerns about potential fraud or have discovered it in your business, it’s vitally important you respond quickly and bring in the experts. A rapid response could be critical to the success of the investigation.

We have acted as Forensic Accountants in the following circumstances:

  • Breach of contract, breach of warranty and insurance claims.
  • Contract disputes.
  • Personal injury and accident claims.
  • Divorce and separation proceedings.
  • Shareholder and partnership disputes.
  • Fraudulent financial reporting investigations.
  • Fraud, illegal acts and other misconduct investigations.
  • Taxation and breaches of company law investigations.
  • Engagement in alternative dispute resolution processes.

In many cases, we will work in conjunction with the client’s legal advisers.