We have dedicated taxation experts who provide a full range of taxation services to both businesses and individuals.

In light of current economic conditions, all businesses have to be more efficient. This is particularly so in relation to business taxation planning.

Upton Ryan has a thorough understanding of all taxes under the Irish Taxation System.


Revenue Compliance

We ensure personal and corporate tax compliance for all clients, as the penalties for non-compliance are more strictly enforced than ever before. We provide our clients with a continuous monitoring service across all tax heads in order to ensure all payments and returns are filed in a timely fashion.

Tax Planning

We keep our clients up to date on all the major changes in the taxation areas that may affect them. We constantly review our clients’ business practices to ensure effective tax planning into the future.

Revenue Audits

Due to the withdrawal of many revenue concessions over the last number of years, businesses will be subject to more revenue investigations and audits. We represent and advise our clients in their dealings with Revenue.


We assist our clients in understanding the potential VAT liabilities on any transaction or business process. We review our clients’ basis for accounting for VAT in light of threshold increases in Budgets and advise our clients of any potential tax efficiencies which might have both a positive and/or negative impact on them or their businesses.